The Music Of The Nashville Shakespeare Festival

The Music Of The Nashville Shakespeare Festival

The Executive Artistic Director’s words

Device Hicks, who is the Executive Artistic Director, has his say about the festival. He said that Shakespeare was integrating dozens of songs into his plays with many different musical characters and a very musical playwright. Nashville Shakes collaborated with many great Nashville composers and songwriters over the years. It created beautiful and unique scores. Nashville Shakespeare Festival is well-known and famous for having musical composers perform live and make musical adaptations. In this CD, there are particular members who the directors choose from five live concerts held between 2014-and 2018. The director expects everyone to enjoy the original songs written by William Shakespeare 8n the creative spirit.

What all are included in the CD?

The CD consists of 12 original songs from Nashville’s production of the following ‘As you like it’ from 2014, ‘Twelfth Night’ from 2015, ‘The Comedy of Errors’ from 2016, ‘The winter’s Tale’ from 2017, and ‘Hamlet’ from 2018.

Featuring artists

All these were produced by Brent King, a Grammy Award winner, Co-produced by Jack Kingsley and Denice Hicks, an Executive Producer.
Renewed Nashville artists like John Hadley, Jack Kingsley, David Olney, Stan Lawrence, Rollie Main, Lari White, Natalie Bell, and many other talented artists.

Featuring artists

Notes of the songs

As you like it, 2014

● It Almost Makes Me Laugh
● A Lover and his Lass
● Under the Greenwood Tree

Twelfth Night, 2015

● Come Away Death
● O Mistress Mine

The Comedy of Errors, 2016

● All In It Together
● When One Door Slams
● Teach Me, Dear Creature
● It All Comes Back

The Winter’s Tale, 2017

● Compren

Hamlet, 2018

● What is a Man
● And We All Will Meet Again

Co-Producer has a note to provide

Jack Kingsley says in October 2016, five artists had performed at the Southern Festival of Books in Nashville. It was their first “Bard in the Round” done by Stan Lawrence, Lari White Cannon, Randy Lancaster, and the co-producer himself. Nashville Shakespeare Festival recently completed The Comedy of Errors which was their summer run for Shakespeare in the park for which Stan, Lari, David, and Jack had written the songs. He was happy with the original music that he had heard in these plays, and thus, people started asking for the music recordings for many years. So they thought it would be delightful to be launching CDs with some of the music from the plays.


In the loving memory of Lari White Cannon

It was produced by Jack Kingsley and Brent King with Executive Producer Denice Hicks. It was recorded at Little Pond Studio and Skaggs Place Studio.

Lee Groitzsch had played a significant role in making the production possible so that the team would show immense gratitude towards Brent King and Bonnie Keen. They would also like to thank everyone who contributed to this collection with their talent and creativity.

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