Best Of Shakespeare Books For The Festive Season

Best Of Shakespeare Books For The Festive Season

Shakespeare is, of course, the best book writer of all time. But here are some of the top books from the Shakespeare Bookshop:

Tales from Shakespeare

Tales from Shakespeare was written by Mary Lamb and Charles and published in 1807. This was one of the earliest versions of Shakespeare stories to be adopted to explain children. The Lambs’ Tales are the best as it is one of the excellent ways for students to introduce the basic narrative of 20 Shakespeare plays. The original work adopted the stories to make them appropriate, but there is some condescension from originals in these versions. For an accessible introduction about Shakespeare’s plays, this book is handy.

1599: A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

James Shapiro is the writer of the book “1599: A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare”. With a mixture of analysis from the plays and vivid history, the author takes an encouraging look at the life of Shakespeare through the lens of just a year, that is 1599. This was the year when Shakespeare was working on Henry V, As you like it, Hamlet, and Julius Caesar. It is undoubtedly an atmospheric and captivating story to an excellent biography. The books start with the chapters written beautifully, making us imagine Shakespeare with his other playhouse shareholders on a snowy winter night.

First Folio Facsimile

First Folio Facsimile is a significant and gorgeous book that continues to represent terrific value attracting many customers. It is a book compiled using pages from Shakespeare’s library’s collection of 82 First Folios. An unmissable opportunity to time travel across four countries is what this volume offers, which is absolutely the best thing to make an alternative for the original. The original book is nearly £8million and can only be bought up in the auction.


Shakespeare Panorama Pop

Panorama Pop is a beautiful illustration presented in a slipcase of a pocket-size that pops up to extend into a 1.5-meter panorama. It has two parts where one part has scenes from six of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, and the other part has the story of Shakespeare’s life and legacy. It is one of the most recommended books to introduce Shakespeare’s life and works of all ages.


Bill Bryson has written this in a very straightforward book, and the introduction is written in a very systematic and informative manner. If looking for a biography of Shakespeare, this book truly stands at the top, and this is for the people who do not know who Shakespeare is and for people who know plenty about him. Even though we know very little about William Shakespeare, Bryson has packed all the information about him in this short biography, keeping it interesting, engaging, and snappy throughout for the readers. It is full of interesting facts about Shakespeare and the Elizebeth era giving a view of what and how his life might have been.

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