Richard Feaster’s Abstract Paintings Among Best of the Year

"White Eagle" by Richard Feaster

“White Eagle” by Richard Feaster

In the fall, publications that cover visual arts ask their critics to take stock of the year gone by and pin down the best sights they’ve seen in the galleries, museums and pop-up spaces they’ve visited on their beats.

I’m having this ongoing conversation with a handful of editors and colleagues, and it’s always awkward — these lists end up being compiled right in the middle of the fall art season which is usually when I see the best shows of the year. However, 2013 has been full of surprises and I wanted to go ahead and tip my hat to one of my shortlist favorites right away.

Richard Feaster’s Paintings exhibition actually opened in November of 2012, but the show was too late to be included in last year’s local summing-up. I always try to remember these late shows for the following year and that was very easy to do with this simultaneously mature and daring show by one of Zeitgeist’s best artists.

Paintings found Feaster revisiting old techniques while also taking novel chances, creating a collection of large abstract canvases that have stuck with me since the first time I saw them. The exhibit’s centerpiece was a gorgeous raptor of a painting titled “White Eagle” which found the artist pouring silver pigment over a nearly six-foot-square canvas that he then elaborated with oils. A stunning work, “Eagle” is the reason I can’t wait to see what this painter does next.

Watch a great video of Feaster talking about Paintings here.

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