Adrienne Outlaw: Breaking Bread at BNA

Adrienne Outlaw

As the summer months come into view, many of us have travel on our minds. Whenever I go out of town I always check to see what interesting exhibits might be showing in and around my destination. However, the Metro Nashville Airport Authority’s Arts at the Airport program offers sights worth seeing that don’t even require the price of a ticket. While some of the program’s galleries are beyond security checkpoints and out of the reach of airport visitors, the arts program’s offerings always include browse-able displays that are accessible to the general public.

One reason to go to the airport the next time you’ve got nowhere to be is to see Adrienne Outlaw’s video installation For My Neighbor. Outlaw is generally known as a sculptor, but there is a lot going on with this display that has me anxious to see what she’ll do next if she sticks with moving images for a time.

The installation consists of four video monitors each playing footage of people’s hands trading and breaking loaves of bread with one another. These nourishing exchanges are shot against backgrounds at Casa Azafran. The international center’s staff and clients pitched in on the project which also features the efforts of students from Glendale Elementary. The videos include a widely diverse display of different hands of men, women and children. The hands are white and black and every shade between. The symbolism here is so on the nose one hesitates to use the word “symbol” at all, but the shots and editing take repetitious, rather cliché and sentimental imagery, and make it feel immediate and and even a little insistent. I love the way the screens are arranged like place-settings at a table and I suppose there’s no limit to the number of times humans need to be reminded to act more like family.

For My Neighbor runs through June 1 in the Concourse C meeter/greeter lounge at Nashville International Airport. Find out about Outlaw’s other airport video installation and the rest of Arts at the Airport’s spring program here

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  1. I really enjoyed working with Glendale, Casa Azafran and the aiport. Look forward to meeting more folks for the bigger break baking project!


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