Ten Minute Playhouse Now Playhouse Nashville with STC Home

Playhouse NashvilleThe curators of The Ten Minute Playhouse announced today they have been invited by Street Theatre Company to present new programming in-residence during the 2013 season.  In addition to two Ten Minute Playhouse events – one in the spring and one in the fall – two new full-length plays will be produced under the expanded banner of Playhouse Nashville during the yearlong residency at STC’s 1933 Elm Hill Pike location.

The residency is the first of its kind for Street Theatre Company and its artistic director Cathy Street. “STC is thrilled to be partnering with Playhouse Nashville,” says Street.  “Their 2013 residency at Street Theatre creates a unique partnership that compliments STC’s established history of providing artistic innovation to the Nashville community and encouraging audience engagement in the arts.  STC believes that the presentation of new plays is vital to growing a healthy and thriving arts community.  The talent, passion, and artistic integrity Chris Bosen and Nate Eppler bring to Playhouse Nashville make the organization one of which STC is proud and excited to be a part.”

WORLD'S GREATEST TEAM-UPS!Curated by Lauren Shouse, Christopher Bosen, Garret Schneider and Nate Eppler, The Ten Minute Playhouse has quickly become a mainstay of the Nashville theatre scene and a welcome opportunity for local playwrights to present their work to the community. As of summer 2012, a total of 42 plays by 29 local playwrights have received popular public readings utilizing more than 60 local actors and directors.

The growth into producing full-length plays – a first for the organization – accounts for the revised Playhouse Nashville name. “It’s time to expand into the next phase of development,” says Shouse. “The appetite for new work is certainly present in Nashville, and we are keenly aware of the need to produce new plays for the stage and encourage local writers. The tremendous support The Ten Minute Playhouse continues to receive from artists and audiences makes expanding that model the logical next step.”

“The opportunity to produce in residence at Street Theatre Company is a perfect match for us,” says Eppler. “Our goal wasn’t to start another Nashville theatre company; Nashville has plenty of theatre companies. Our goal has always been to build an organization that raises the profile of playwrights and new work in Nashville. By engaging the local artistic community to amplify the voices of local playwrights and putting their plays in front of interested audiences, Playhouse Nashville achieves that.”

ATHEIST'S SURPRISEAudiences and artists who embrace the fresh stories and discussions that are integral to the Ten Minute Playhouse events can expect the same experience from Playhouse Nashville’s full-length offerings. “Breathtaking moments in theatre for me have most often been when I’m encountering a show for the first time,” says Bosen. “So, the very nature of new plays offers increased potential for a breathtaking moment to occur. That’s what engages me most about new plays, and why I’m excited about Playhouse Nashville‘s expansion into productions of new full-length material.”

Playhouse Nashville’s first production in residence at STC will be Nate Eppler’s provocative new comedy SEXTAPE running Feb. 28-March 10, 2013. For more info, please visit www.PlayhouseNashville.com, connect with them on Facebook at facebook.com/PlayhouseNashville, and join their email list through PlayhouseNashville@gmail.com.

*Playhouse Nashville logo and photos of Rebekah Durham and Mike Fernandez in Bob Giordano’s World’s Greatest Team-ups! and  Lane Wright and Brian Webb Russell in Joe Giordano’s Atheist’s Surprise courtesy Playhouse Nashville.

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  1. What a terrific team. Can’t wait for more…