Notes on Becoming an Independent Theater Artist

Independent-ArtistCan an actor call himself a professional if he rarely works?

That’s the question Dr. Scott Walters is asking. Walters, an Associate Professor of Drama at the University of North Carolina at Asheville is working to discover a different business model for the arts. He says it’s the next logical step in his work for the rural sector.

“I thought, actually, what I’m trying to do with rural areas is create some different models so that artists have different options for living a creative life more fully. All right, we’re looking for a business model for rural areas.  This could be applicable for someone anywhere who is trying to be independent,” he says.

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Laura Axelrod is the author of the preceding article.

Laura Axelrod is a writer, playwright and actress. Her plays have been performed in New York, California and Europe. Her articles have appeared in The Birmingham News and Her book reviews were distributed nationally through Newhouse News Service. A native of New England, she moved to Alabama six years ago. Read more at or

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