New LOL Nashville Improv Troupe Debuts This Weekend

LOLNashville1The number of improv offerings in the Music City have happily been on the rise in recent years. Now, a new troupe called LOL Nashville introduces itself to the city this weekend, promising to provide the best of that form in unscripted, unrated and uncensored short and long-form varieties.

“The Debut Show” is Saturday at 7 p.m. in The Basement (1604 8th Ave. S). Online ticket sales have gone so well for their first show that only seats purchased at the door for $10 are still available; that door opens at 6:40 p.m. (Please note that The Basement is a 21+ venue but minors may attend with a parent.) Their next scheduled outing is called “The Christmahanakwanzika Holiday Show” and that performance is Dec. 7 at 9 p.m. in Cafe Coco (210 Louise Ave). Click here for tickets.

Here are biographical sketches of LOL Nashville performers from the group’s website:

Luke Watson, Artistic Director

You may have also seen Luke at Tiger Peach Improv (Atlanta), Orphan Improv (Atlanta), & Nashville Improv Company (Nashville)

Luke moved to Nashville last September and joined the Nashville Improv Company. After months of withdrawals from long form improv, he quit the Nashville Improv Company to start LOL Nashville early this summer. Luke enjoys short walks near the beach, loves candy (sans chocolate), has a weakness for accents (even good fake ones), and dreams to one day become best friends with Kristen Wiig.

David Johnson

You may have also seen David at Tongue-N-Cheek (Nashville) & Shingles: On-The-Spot Comedy (Jacksonville)

David is from Jacksonville, Florida and is a senior at Vanderbilt University. He loves efficiency and Vanderbilt football. David started doing improv when he got to college and has been living happily ever after. While he hopes to be in medical school a year from now, continuing to improvise is high on his priorities list!

Whitney Wolanin

You may have also seen Whitney at Tongue-N-Cheek (Nashville)

Whitney auditioned for Tongue-N-Cheek (Vanderbilt’s improv troupe) on a whim and fell in love with improv harder than a 40 year old woman who just saw Ryan Gosling for the first time. When she’s not making shit up to say, she’s making it up to sing, as a songwriter and recording artist. She loves hugs and Greek yogurt, but not always at the same time.

Joseph Ford

You may have also seen Joseph at Tongue-N-Cheek (Nashville)

Joseph Ford is a native of Little Rock, Arkansas. Before he attended Vanderbilt University, his only improv experiences had been playing pirates at his grandmother’s house and making up stories on road trips with his brothers. He is currently the producer of Vanderbilt’s improv and sketch comedy troupe, Tongue-n-Cheek. Joseph is proud to be apart of LOL Nashville and the burgeoning comedy scene in Music City. Lots of love to his family, who has always taken his silliness seriously.

Ryan Datteri

You may have also seen Ryan at Gonzaga University Theatre Sports (Washington), Tongue-N-Cheek (Nashville), & Nashville Comedy Theater (Nashville)

Losing a bet caused Ryan to try out improv 8 years ago and he hasn’t looked back yet. When he’s not goofing around making stuff up, he’s writing technical nerd reports and making faces at the computer while programming image processing code. Besides enjoying anything around the water, and kicking butt at racquetball, Ryan enjoys a good competition. For reals, he’s super competitive.

Brian Cooper

You may have also seen Brian at Tongue-N-Cheek (Nashville)

Despite numerous assassination attempts, Brian has been a part of Vanderbilt’s Tongue-N-Cheek for two years. When he’s not spitting nonsense right and left, he’s playing all sorts of music and bashing textbooks against his head until the knowledge flows. Brian doesn’t know how to fly fish, but if he did, he thinks he would probably enjoy it a great deal. He frequently answers the call of the wild, although sometimes the wild doesn’t call him back; but that’s why God invented Ben & Jerry’s…am I right!?!

For more on LOL Nashville visit their website or their Facebook page.


*Photo courtesy LOL Nashville.

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