The Aisle Seat: Theater in the Around Rules(?)

Orlando_FuriosoWhy, oh why am I suddenly immersed in immersive theater, and what good is it doing me?

These days, immersive theater seems always to be with us.  Like the poor.  So much so that at my mentioning the current inundation of emailed press releases announcing these impending entries, one respected critic I know said, “When I see the word in an emailed release, I hit delete.”

And he’d say something like that for what reason, you ask?  Here’s part of the headline from the release for One Day in the Life of Henri Shnuffle : “An Immersive Theater Experience at Henri Shnuffle’s Apartment at The Loomstate/Rogan Showroom on Bond Street.”  Here’s another headline from a release received around the same time: “Site-specific immersive 4CHAMBERS begins July 6 on Governors Island.”

A paragraph also from recent pickings: “The site-specific multi-disciplinary retelling of the creation of Gotham leads audiences on an epic adventure, uncovering the most compelling stories of the City’s 400-year history. MANNA-HATA uncovers the vibrant, compelling legacy of NYC and the tenacious New York character.”  (That’s a lot of “compelling,” and is it, really?  Maybe yes, maybe no.)

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*Gustave Doré’s illustration of Ludovico Ariosto’s “Orlando Furioso” courtesy Clyde Fitch Report.

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