Triple Axelrod: Is Your Theater a Community or a Clique?

Velvet-RopeYou know the feeling. A heavy, sweeping sadness descends from your shoulders to your heart. Followed by a sharp sensation in your solar plexus that cuts so deeply your feet no longer exist.

They don’t like you.

Maybe it’s because you don’t look the same. Your skin color is a different hue or your fashion style is not conventional. You don’t dress the part. You don’t come from the right place.

Sounds like high school, but it happens in adulthood, too. Your ideas are different. You see things in an alternative way. Maybe you don’t fall into line behind the leaders and, instead, march to your own beat.

A lot of outsiders are attracted to theater. But what happens when those outsiders get together?

Sometimes they create more outsiders.

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Laura Axelrod is the author of the preceding article as part of the Triple Axelrod series.

Laura Axelrod is a writer, playwright and actress. Her plays have been performed in New York, California and Europe. Her articles have appeared in The Birmingham News and Her book reviews were distributed nationally through Newhouse News Service. A native of New England, she moved to Alabama six years ago. You can read more at You can also follow her on Twitter: @laura_axelrod.

*Photo courtesy The Clyde Fitch Report.

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