Aisle Seat – “Live Theater”: As Opposed to What, Dead Theater?

The Broadway League release arrived with the headline:

Empire State Theatre Production Tax Credit Approved

New York is Now the Fourth State to Offer Tax Benefits for Investing in Live Theatre

The good news has already been reported elsewhere, and I’m not writing about it now because I have any reason for objecting to a government initiative that increases theater-related business in the state where the nation’s theater hub is situated. I see nothing wrong and everything right in a condition that retrieves theater-related business that had been lost to other states where tax credit has previously been established.

Biltmore-Theater-SallyWho would?

No, what caught my eye is the phrase at the end of the headline: “Live Theatre.”

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*Photo of Biltmore Theater in Los Angeles in 1924 courtesy Clyde Fitch Report.

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