Jewell Re: Arts — Arts Fundraising Is Not Cape Fear

This is probably the first thing you should know about me: I love the word “egad.” Something about a minced oath just sets everything right with the world.

George-WhitefieldOf course, if such a simple thing as a word could set the nonprofit arts world right, all the better. But alas, that is up to us nonprofiteers to do. It’s a job that takes problem solvers, and as problem solvers need problems, this career offers a vast array from which to choose.

In this column, I will attempt to tackle as many of these problems — let’s call them “opportunities” — as possible.

I began my career in the arts as an actor — very helpful training if you ever wish to be executive director of an arts nonprofit. After college, I spent nine years with a company presenting national tours of Broadway shows in eight Midwest markets before moving into the nonprofit sector. Since then I have been executive director of the OK Mozart International Music Festival and now I am executive director of the Oklahoma City Ballet. This experience has taught me one inalienable fact: your problems and rewards are not unique. I take that as a comfort. If all of these nonprofits arts organizations still exist, then so too must the answers you seek.

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Twice monthly, ArtsNash is delighted to feature articles from our partner The Clyde Fitch Report. The contributors to CFR cast their journalistic eyes on the worlds of arts and politics. Shane Jewell is the author of the preceding article. He is the Executive Director of the Oklahoma City Ballet. Previous to this, he was the Executive Director for the OK MOZART International Music Festival. Before his time at OK Mozart, Jewell worked at Celebrity Attractions in Tulsa presenting National Touring Broadway shows to 8 markets in the Midwest. During his tenure there he handled several roles such as: Company Manager, Technical Director and Advertising Director. He also was the Company Manager and Stage Manager for the national touring musical, The Rock & The Rabbi. Jewell currently serves on the Education and Programming Committee for Oklahoma Contemporary and is a member of the Oklahoma Presenters Network. Follow The Clyde Fitch Report on Facebook and Twitter.

*Image of painting of George Whitefield preaching a sermon courtesy The Clyde Fitch Report.

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