168 Nashville Film Festival 2013 Shorts Come From 35 Countries

The Nashville Film Festival (NaFF) has announced the complete line-up for Short Films in Competition to be screened at the 44th annual Festival running April 18-25 at Regal Green Hills Stadium 16.  The Festival features short films from 35 countries, in categories ranging from narrative, experimental, animated, young filmmakers, and Tennessee shorts.

The Festival features 168 short films this year, including works by Shia LaBeouf, Joan Chen, Albert Maysles and Morgan Spurlock. Short films for the 2013 NaFF, presented by Nissan, were selected from a record breaking 2,156 shorts submitted. NaFF is one of only 24 film festivals in the United States designated as an Academy Award-qualifying festival for short films. Winners of the narrative and animation short competitions are automatically qualified for Academy Award consideration.

“Because of our Academy Award qualifier status, we tend to receive an impressive amount of short film entries each year,” says Artistic Director Brian Owens. “This year we had more submissions than ever before. The films we selected represent every corner of the world, from the United Kingdom, Israel, and Spain to Slovenia, China, and Iraq. It will be like a mini World Cinema category with ten times as many films!”

The Nashville Film Festival, like other major film festivals such as Sundance and Tribeca, is open to the public. Tickets may be purchased to any of 200 events, including films, panel discussions, and parties. NaFF brings in filmmakers, celebrities, and industry insiders to mingle with people who enjoy film on the big screen.

The Short Films in Competition include:

Ex MimeNarrative Shorts

(Winning short is eligible for Academy Award consideration)

.sub / Spain (Director: Jossie Malis Alvarez) – An African immigrant with communication problems faces the bureaucratic difficulties of a strange society.

Alaska is a Drag / USA (Director: Shaz Bennett) – Leo stands out in a crowd. That’s not always a good thing working in a fish cannery in Alaska. His dreams of leaving this small town are hard fought, until a new boy moves to town and sees him for who he really is – an international superstar.

America 101 / USA (Director: Richard Speight Jr.) –  One man’s life becomes the lesson of the day when he takes a captive audience on a frenetic ride through his own twisted version of the American experience.

Behind the Mirrors / Peru (Director: Julio O. Ramos) – A young husband, and soon-to-be father, works in a sleazy motel with his wife. When one of the night’s customers leaves behind an unexpected mess, the husband’s keen eye for opportunity and quick thinking may change their fortunes forever.

Bicycle (Paysikil) / Iraq (Director: Rizgar Hussein) – Hajar and Kovan are gathering Pepsi cans from the garbage around the city everyday in order to sell it and gain some money. Hajar’s dream is to have a bicycle and ride it. Later on, he meets Karzan, who has a bicycle, but Karzan is very arrogant.

BKA 49-77 / Czech Republic (Director: Jan Pavlacky) – Involved in a car accident, Petr and Martina are suddenly thrown in a situation where saving somebody else’s life could put their own in danger. Caught between fear and guilt, they have to choose between bad and worse. Inspired by true events, the film tells the story from various perspectives of all of the people involved and questions the amount of responsibility we have for the actions we take.

Boneshaker / USA (Director: Frances Bodomo) – An African family, lost in America, travels to a Louisiana church to find a cure for its problem child.

Boop Beep / USA (Director: Murphy Gilson) – ‘Boop Beep’ is a handcrafted a love story about a lonely little robot who tries to win the love of the girlbot next door. It’s a homemade film which attempts to eschew perfection in favor of the beauty of happy mistakes. At its very full cardboard heart, this film is about childhood wonder and how simple things can be magical.

Chalk / USA (Director: Martina Amati) – A gymnast selected for an elite training camp makes new discoveries about bodies, boys, and friendship.

Cheers to You / Germany (Director: Soleen Yusef) – If you are sad at your own wedding, you’ll become overweight, thick and fat, and your husband…he’ll get a tiny, small willy.

The Companion (El Accompañante) / Peru (Director: Alvaro Delgado Aparicio) – On the outskirts of Lima, a young prostitute tends to his father, a fallen-from-grace artisan. However, the young man feels that his efforts are never enough. He tries to break free, but dependence is stronger.

The Cub / USA (Director: Riley Stearms) – Wolves make the best parents.

A Curious Conjunction of Coincidences / Netherlands (Director: Joost Reijmers) – An absurdist journey through time with an explosive ending in the heart of Amsterdam.

Dalya / Iraq (Director: Shakhawan Abdellah Qazi) – Wherever there is the shadow of terror and killing there wouldn’t be sufficient hope of life and living. Now Iraq is the land where in a little district people are waiting for death.

The Date (Treffit) / Finland (Director: Jenni Toivoniemi) – Tino’s (16) manhood is put to the test in front of two women: Lissu (54) and Mirka (27) when he has to host a date for family’s stud cat.

Dear Hunters / Czech Republic (Directors:  Zack Bornstein and David Shuck) – 8-year-old Milos worships his family’s hunting tradition. When his father and grandfather tell him that he’s too young to join them in the forest, he takes matters into his own hands…

The Devil’s Ballroom / Norway/ Greenland (Director: Henrik Martin K. Dahlsbakken) – After burying his last remaining companion, an explorer has to find his way to the North Pole alone, fighting snow-blindness and physical strain. An unexpected encounter forces him to decide between honor and fame or keeping the moral high ground.

Doppelgänger / Brazil (Director: Julian Rojas) – Silvia is a young teacher at an elementary school. One day, her class is interrupted when the students notice her double walking on the other side of the street. Silvia tries to ignore the apparition, but this strange event begins to permeate her daily life and transform her personality.

Drawn from Memory / Poland (Director: Marcin Bortkiewicz) – Marek lives with his mother and grandmother. He is given a video camera and decides to make a non-fiction film about his Gran. She agrees, but only on condition that he fulfills her dream and lets her play a vampire in a series of home horror movies.

Dva / Germany (Director: Mickey Nedimovic) – Croatia, 1993. Two snipers – a Croat, and a Serb – wander aimlessly through the desolate countryside. When their paths unexpectedly cross, the enemies immediately try to shoot each other. The first ‘click’, however, is not coming from a gun barrel…

The English / United Kingdom (Director: Deborah Tiso) – The English is a haunting exploration of memory and abandonment reverberating through the lives of a mother and son.

Ex Mime / Netherlands (Director: Mathijs Geijskes) – Mike, a pantomime player for 24 hours a day, has to change his life… But his imaginary world is hard to ignore…

Father/Son / USA (Director: Bryan Reisberg) – Oliver brings his girlfriend on a hunting trip to meet his father.

First Time Phone Sex / USA (Director: Phil Donohue) –  After a few glasses of wine and a successful girls night out, Sharon, a suburban housewife, decides to initiate phone sex with her husband Michael, who is away on business. Michael’s naivety and milquetoast demeanor get things off to a rocky start, but once things begin to get steamy on both ends of the phone, Sharon learns, much to her chagrin, Michael’s deepest desires.

Fishing without Nets / Kenya (Director: Cutter Hodierne) – A story of pirates in Somalia told from the perspective of the pirates.

The Foreigner / Greece (Director: Alethea C. Avramis) – A remote Greek village must raise its population in order to avoid being cut off from the local government. When a foreigner, Eric, stumbles into town, the village mayor rallies the hostile townspeople to convince Eric to stay.

Gasp / Germany (Director: Eicke Bettinga) – A 17-year-old boy. All he wants is to feel something. Anything. One day he pushes his longing to the limit.

GhiGhoo / Iran (Director: Iraj Mohammadi Razini) – A man is digging in a dried land in the midst of a ruin. Perhaps he is looking for reassurance. Suddenly, a black bird catches his attention. He gathers his tools and goes from ruin to ruin following the sound of a bell, hoping to find the black bird…

Harry Grows Up / USA (Director: Mark Nickelsburg) – New York is a tough place to find love.  Especially for an 18-month-old who lives on his own.

Hatch / Austria (Director: Christoph Kuschnig) – Hatch follows two couples and the wrenching decisions they each must make on a wintry Vienna night. Milo and Biljana, illegal immigrants seeking opportunity, must acknowledge that they cannot raise their newborn and hope to achieve their own youthful dreams at the same time. Across town an older and more stable couple desperately wants to welcome a child into their lives. Decisions borne of desperation by both couples cause their lives to briefly cross, and engender parallel feelings of angst and frustration as each accepts the harsh reality of what is simply, and unreasonably, not possible.

Hospitals / Ghana  (Director: Priscilla Anany) – When her two friends lose their babies and the third dies during childbirth, Esi becomes skeptical of the midwife who is the only one that provides prenatal and birthing care to all the women in the village that has no hospital nor clinic. Out of fear for her own life and that of her unborn child, Esi starts on an arduous journey to get to a hospital. Halfway through, the baby’s time is up and it’s eager to come out, but Esi is determined to get to the hospital.

Howard Cantour.com / USA (Director: Shia LaBeouf) – This is the story of Howard Cantour. A warrior. His life as a film critic and how he comes to terms with reviewing his hero’s film.

In the Still of the Night / Sweden (Director: Alexander Rönnberg) – A neo-noir set in 1950s Sweden. Boy meets girl, Boy kidnaps girl. Girl suddenly makes her own demands. For a few hours, a game of high stakes is played. Most desperate will win. And before the night is through, blood will be shed.

Indoor / United Kingdom (Directors: Simon Atkinson and Adam Townley) – An 11-year-old boy, unable to fly his kite alone, befriends a peculiar girl who cannot leave her caravan.

It’s Not a Cowboy Movie / France (Director: Benjamin Parent) – Four teens discuss last night’s airing of Brokeback Mountain.

Kiruna-Kigali / Sweden (Director: Goran Kapetanovic) -Two single mothers-to-be on the verge of giving birth are thousands of miles apart, but both share the same fear of entering the unknown world of motherhood.

The Last Border / Germany (Director: Daniel Butterworth) – In order to save his obsolete border house from demolition at any cost, aging border guard Alfred attempts to escape through a legal loophole. The catch is: He has to jeopardize his secret love.

Late Spring / Tunisia (Director: Zachary Kerschberg) – A petty clerk in a police station must suddenly chose sides when a tortured prisoner asks him for help.

Life Doesn’t Frighten Me / Canada (Directors: Stephen Dunn and GB Shannon) – Insecure 13-year-old Esther Weary is on the brink of puberty and must come to terms with the realities of becoming a woman with her well-meaning grandpa and his pet pug.

Lunch Date / United Kingdom (Director: Sasha Collington) – Getting dumped hurts, especially for a woman whose boyfriend sends his 14-year-old brother to break the news.

Miracle Boy / USA (Director: Jake Mahaffy) – A boy in rural West Virginia tries to make up for hurting another kid at school.

Music for One X-Mas and Six Drummers / Sweden (Directors: Ola Simonson and Johannes Stjärne)- Nilsson Six drummers dressed for a traditional Santa Lucia procession find their way into an old people’s home and play a musical composition on a sewing machine and various Christmas decorations.

The Nightshift Belongs to the Stars / Italy (Director: Edoardo Ponti) – Matteo and Sonia’s friendship starts in a hospital on the eve of their respective open heart surgeries. Matteo receives the gift of a new life through a heart transplant while Sonia undergoes an open heart operation to put in a new mitral valve. The path to recovery will be connected to the passion they both share for mountaineering and the promise to climb together a peak on the Dolomites, in Trentino, Italy. Will the journey lead them to a perilous end or a new beginning?

The Op Shop / Australia (Director: Lee Rogers) – A mysterious donation sends the sales clerks at a suburban opportunity shop (thrift store) on a journey of self-discovery.

The Other Ones / Norway (Director: Hisahm Zaman) – A man is driving to a party on a cold winter evening. All of a sudden, when his car hits someone, he flees the scene in panic. Back in his garage, he attempts to conceal all trace of the accident.  But when something unexpected turns up in the car, it becomes harder to run.

The Other Side / Israel (Director: Khen Shalem) – A simple soccer ball sparks an unusual friendship between two young boys on either side of the Israeli and Palestinian separation wall.

The Padlock / Italy (Director: Ettore Nicoletti) – When you think you found the perfect lover, your partner forever, when you seal your love to the universe, what’s next? The perfect love scenario, and a Padlock.

The Pale of Settlement / USA (Director: Jacob Sillman) – The Pale of Settlement, set against the backdrop of the Crimean War, follows the trials of a young Jewish peasant boy, Moische, who must escape forced conscription into the Russian army at the hands of khappers, bounty hunters, sent to capture him.

Palimpsest / USA (Director: Michael Tyburski) – A successful house tuner provides clients a unique form of therapy that examines subtle details in their living spaces.

Paulie / USA (Director: Andrew Nackman) – Paulie is a 9-year-old in the 7th grade. Used to being the smartest kid in the room, Paulie aces every test, wins every science fair and does not lose. So when bully Tony beats him one day at an essay contest, Paulie refuses to let it go.

Peter at the End / USA (Director: Russ Lamoureux) – Facing an uncertain future, Peter returns home after an extended absence. During the course of a boisterous evening, Peter looks for ways to reconnect with those he left behind, only to find the ripples of the past catching up to him.

Physics / United Kingdom (Director: Claire Oakley) – When Rona and Sandi (9) find the God Particle on the beach, they think it may be able to bring energy back into their run down town.

The Queen of My Dreams / USA (Director: Fawzia Mirza) – As a young girl, Fawzia Mirza fell under the spell of Bollywood heroines and their promise of love and feminine perfection. As an adult, she looks back and re-imagines the epic romance in the classic film Aradhana, in a queer light.

Return (Hazara) / Israel (Director: Shay Levi) – Shay returns home after a psychotic breakdown. Chronicle.

The Return (Kthimi) / Kosovo (Director: Blerta Zeqiri) – A young man, arrested at random during the war in Kosovo and thought dead, returns home from a Serb prison looking for a way back into his life of four years earlier. But the war has touched more than he may know and explanations come hard.

Reza Hassani Goes to the Mall / USA (Director: Sara Zandieh) – A recent immigrant journeys to the American cultural mecca that is the mall.

Shanghai Strangers / China (Director: Joan Chen) – Shanghai Strangers is about a young Chinese woman’s dilemma in a time of fast-growing material wealth and spiritual void. A chance encounter, an unexpected discovery, a fateful afternoon, a song and a boat…

Silent (Sessiz) / Turkey (Director: L. Rezan Yeşilbaş) – In 1984. Zeynep lives in Diyarbakir with their three children. Zeynep seems to be in a daily routine. Zeynep is going to visit her husband in prison.

Stigma / USA (Director: Phill Schwartz) – Peter’s view of the world changes when he receives life altering news. Peter wakes up and begins his daily routine. This routine screeches to a halt when Peter tests positive for HIV. He drones on through his normal day, unsure of what to do or who,  if anyone, to tell. Feeling his humanity like never before, Peter sets out on a journey of self discovery and acceptance.

Suspended / Australia (Director: Damian Walshe-Howling) – While facing stark realities, Mother Nature provides a magical alternative for 7-year-old Caleb, leading to impossible fulfillment…

Teacher of the Year / USA (Director:  Chris Modoono) – A day in the life of Ethan Collins, a severely depressed, foul-mouthed elementary school teacher whose wife’s recent infidelity and departure have left him questioning everything in his life.

That Which Once Was / USA (Director: Kimi Takescu) – In 2032, an 8-year-old Caribbean boy, displaced by global warming, fends for himself as an “environmental refugee” in a hostile northern metropolis. Haunted by memories of flooding that left him homeless and orphaned, the boy forms an unexpected friendship with an Inuk ice carver who helps him remember his past.

Ticking / United Kingdom (Director: Chris New) – Ticking is a story of small-town obsession. Eric is obsessed with Olivia. When Olivia’s family is the target of a bizarre hoax, he can no longer keep his distance. He comes face to face with his obsession, and she is nothing like he imagined.

UFO in Piekary / Poland (Director: Konrad Aksinowicz) – The parents of 9-year-old Karol come up with a great idea on how to make their son behave politely. They bribe him with a longed-for present called AKX, advertised on television as an extraordinary toy. The problem is that the commercial didn’t lie… The film was based on a story by Marcel Staniczek and Klaudia Miłek and produced in frame of the film project New City Legends – Silesian edition.

Valse Favorite / France (Director: Deborah Helpert) – Diane has the brilliant idea to organize a BBQ with friends to solve her friend Sonia’s problem. The plan is original, but apparently, Diane did not think of everything.

Watermelon / Poland (Director: Tato Kotetishvili) – Somewhere off the beaten track, far away from big cities, a man puts up his stand selling watermelons. Those few local drivers who pass it, remain unimpressed. Only tourists stop to take a photo of this peculiar attraction. This kind of a business cannot be profitable. To make things worse, a competing enterprise emerges on the other side of the metalled road. The film shows one day in the life of a watermelon seller.

Whakatiki: A Spirit Rising / New Zealand (Director: Louise Leitch) – A day at the river awakens the spirit of a woman held captive by years of broken promises.

What the Eye Doesn’t See / Spain (Director: Natalia Mateo) – On Christmas Eve you have to have fun, because Santa Claus is on his way, because there are children. But on this night secrets are revealed and lies are floating in the atmosphere. However, who cares about one more little lie? It will be the last.

The White Seagull / USA (Director: Max Strebel) – This film is a dark fantasy about an old woman reflecting on her childhood when she discovered a seagull had hatched in her stomach.

Who’s Afraid of the Big Black Wolf / Slovenia (Director: Janez Lapajne) – 1944, somewhere in the occupied Central Europe, a multicultural triangle is formed between a shepherd boy and two officers from the opposite sides in a sensual and emotional Alpine story of two tunes and one whistle.

A Wonderful Day / Israel (Directors: Ariel Weisbrod and Yossi Meiri) – Shachar plans to move to Germany to pursue his studies. His grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, will stop at nothing to prevent him from leaving.

A World for Raul / Mexico (Director: Mauro Mueller) – When 13-year-old Raúl is asked to entertain the local landowner’s son, a game of power and pride starts between the two boys.

Yardbird / Australia (Director: Michael Spiccia) – A young girl who lives in a remote wrecking yard is forced to take on the town bullies when they travel out to torment her father.

Zombie / Spain (Director: David Moreno) – If you have no memory, a blank gaze, and you’ve forgotten how to talk…You’re a zombie, right?

Oh SheepAnimated Shorts 

(Winning short is eligible for Academy Award consideration)

Aeolian / United Kingdom (Directors: Tom Shrapnel and Cameron Lowe) – Aeolian shows the life cycle of a mysterious creature as it explores the natural world around it. As it grows bigger, so too does its understanding of life and its inevitable conclusion.

Attack of the 50 Foot Hero / USA (Directors: Sierra Lewis and Trent Correy) – A young monster is inspired to become a superhero, but discovers there’s just one problem with his plan — and it isn’t a little one.

The Bathhouse / USA (Director: Jisoo Kim) – Escaping the streets of the modern city, a group of women are transformed by a bathhouse paradise.

Beethoven’s Wig / Canada (Directors: Denny Silverthorne and Alex Hawley) – In Beethoven’s Wig the world famous composer is having a seriously bad hair day. In fact, sometimes it seems like his wig has a life of its own, and worse, is intent on global domination.

Bite of the Tail / USA (Director: Song E. Kim) – Wife is suffering from stomach pain but Doctor has no clue for cure. Husband is in his own journey of haunting a snake. Life is a constant struggle to find a right answer.

The Country of Wolves (Amaqqut Nunaat) / Canada (Director: Neil Christopher) – A hunting excursion evolves into an otherworldly encounter, as two brothers navigate the spirit realm in this ethereal and haunting animation that celebrates the ancient art of Inuit storytelling.

Eyes on the Stars / USA (Directors: Mike Rauch and Tim Rauch) – Carl McNair tells the story of his brother Ronald, an African American kid in the 1950s who set his sights on the stars.

Facundo the Great / USA (Directors: Mike Rauch and Tim Rauch) – Ramòn “Chunky” Sanchez tells the story of how the new kid at school became a hero when his name stumped their teachers.

A Family Man / USA (Directors: Mike Rauch and Tim Rauch) – Sam Black remembers his father, an enduring lesson, and the power of a look.

Feral / USA (Director: Daniel A. Sousa) – A wild boy is found in the woods by a solitary hunter and brought back to civilization. Alienated by a strange new environment, the boy tries to adapt by using the same strategies that kept him safe in the forest.

Firefly and the Coffee Machine / USA (Director: John Michael Wilyat) – Characters from a series of drawings by an 8-year-old girl are transformed into an animated story.

Flamingo Pride / Germany (Director: Tomer Eshed) – The story of the only heterosexual Flamingo in his desperate attempt to find love…

Flawed / Canada (Director: Andrea Dorfman) – An animated tale about accepting yourself, flaws and all.

Hu’s Game / South Korea (Director: Shaun Seong-young Kim) – The game to make friends, and the game to be loved by artists!

In Hanford / USA (Director: Chris Mars) – A fantastic exploration of real incidents in Hanford, Washington, where the local environment was poisoned as a result of cold war era nuclear arms manufacture.

Making It / USA (Directors: Mike Rauch and Tim Rauch) – 19-year-old Noe Rueda tells his former teacher Alex Fernandez about his clever money-making endeavors as a kid in Chicago’s Little Village.

Marcel, King of the Tervuren / USA (Director: Tom Schroeder) – Greek tragedy enacted by Belgian roosters.

Marking the Distance / USA (Directors: Mike Rauch and Tim Rauch) – When Gweneviere Mann lost her short-term memory after surgery to remove a brain tumor, she was forced to navigate life in a new way. But she wasn’t alone. With the support of her boyfriend, Yasir Salem, Gweneviere found she could tackle the challenge.

Noodle Fish / South Korea (Director: Jin man Kim) – Noodle Fish is a pin-screen animation made with plain noodles. The tadpoles say to the Noodle Fish, “To be a grown-up, you’ve got to get out of the water.” Having said this, the tadpoles disappear and the Noodle Fish begins his journey toward the world outside the water.

Oh Sheep! / Germany (Director: Gottfried Mentor) – Two flocks of sheep are searching for companionship. But their shepherds, being at odds with each other, do everything to keep them separated.

Oh Willy… / Belgium (Director: Sunil Narkar) – Forced to return to his naturist roots, Willy bungles his way into noble savagery.

Pasteurized /Argentina (Director:  Nicolás Villarreal) – While conducting experiments on a quiet night, a scientist receives an unexpected visitor – whose arrival will change everything.

Princess’ Painting / Germany (Director: Johannes Weiland) – A princess takes a really close look at a cow.

Rising Hope / Germany (Director: Milen Vitanov) – Rising Hope, who used to be the fastest horse in the world, suddenly turns into a loser. With the help of a new friend he finds hope and himself again.

Room on the Broom / United Kingdom (Directors: Max Lang and Jan Lachauer) – A magical tale about friendship and family from Magic Light Pictures, the producers of the hugely successful The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child.

Run Out / Germany (Director: Michael  Haas and Thomas Schienagel) – Old-style light bulb Kevin seems content with life in a suburban house and occasional visits by his companion Frank, the moth. However, threatened by replacement through modern energy-saving bulbs, Kevin sets off to fulfill his dream for a new life.

Sleight of Hand / Australia (Director: Michael Cusack) – A man yearns to know his place in the world and how he fits in, when sometimes it’s better not to know.

Woody / Australia (Director: Stuart Bowen) – Ever since he was a child, Woody has dreamt of playing piano. The problem is that he only has wooden paddles for hands. Stuck in a job he doesn’t care about, Woody spends his days dreaming of being a concert pianist. His dreams are big…but they’re about to get out of hand.

Zing / Germany (Directors: Kyra Buschor and Cynthia Collins) – Day in, day out, Mr. Grimm is busy with his job as the Reaper, harvesting people’s lives. One day, his monotonous existence is interrupted by the door bell…

You Don't Know JackDocumentary Shorts 

The Battle of the Jazz Guitarist / USA (Director: Mark Columbus) – Meet Maxwell Columbus, the Jimi Hendrix of Fiji! Filmmaker son Mark Columbus’ subtitled stream of consciousness monologue does battle with dad’s rockin’ guitar solo, in this tribute to rock star dreams and disappointments.

Blank Canvas / USA (Director: Sarah Berkovish) – Going through chemotherapy, a woman turns her baldness into a blank canvas for self-expression.

Child 31 / Malawi/ Kenya (Director: Charles Kinnane) – Follow one of CNN’s Heroes, Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow as we get a glimpse into his simple, yet groundbreaking, idea that is working to lift the developing world out of poverty. Hailed by Gerard Butler and Anderson Cooper, Mary’s Meals’ life-changing work helps to give a face to hunger’s deadly numbers.

The Children Next Door / USA (Director: Doug Block) – Told through the eyes of a child, this hard-hitting film takes us on a family’s journey to overcome years of experiencing domestic violence and the atrocity of one horrific incident that shattered their world. Raised in Tennessee households ripped by domestic violence, Penny and Brad vowed, when they fell in love, to end the cycle. After a ten-year marriage plagued by waves of mounting brutality, all in front of their four young children, Brad’s outbursts culminated one indelible night in 2006 when he ruthlessly attacked Penny with a gun and machete and murdered her best friend. The Children Next Door opens five-and-a-half years later as the family continues to struggle with the impact of the violence that shaped their lives. Within three short months, we witness an astonishing turn of events.

The Cleanest Pig / USA (Directors: David White and Paul Wedel) – After waiting 50 years, some exceedingly rare pigs help Dr. Bob Elliott perform a medical miracle.

Fire with Fire / USA (Director: Ross Kaufman) – Who would dare to pit one fatal disease against another… inside the body of a 6-year-old patient? The results will shatter all expectations.

Georgena Terry / USA (Director: Amanda Zackem) – How the founder of Terry Bicycles revolutionized cycling with bike frames designed for women’s bodies.

Good Karma $1 / USA (Directors: Berger Jason and Laslett Amy) – A short documentary that explores acclaimed ad-guru Alex Bogusky’s fascination with collecting homeless signs. What starts out as a project to understand the world’s simplest form of communication turns into a lesson of generosity.

Home / New Zealand (Director: Thomas Gleeson) – We often think of houses as solid, strong, permanent things. In fact they can be weak, fragile, and as this film shows mobile. What is that makes a house a home? What gives it its strength?

I think this is the closest to how the footage looked / Israel (Directors: Yuval Hameiri and Michal Vaknin) – “A man recreates, with poor means, a lost memory. A memory of the last day with his Mom. Objects come to life, in a desperate struggle, to produce one moment that was gone.

The King of Instruments / USA (Director: Ryan Cockrell) – Alex Collier tells the unique story of how he became interested in playing pipe organ as a child.

Londoners / United Kingdom (Director: Joseph Ernst) – A vintage film about modern day London. Shot entirely on a 100-year-old wooden hand-cranked 35mm camera, Londoners documents modern day London as never seen before.

The Melungeons / USA (Directors: Ian Cheney and Thomas Schienagel) – Deep in the hills of Appalachia live a mysterious tri-racial people known as Melungeons. For years, the community around Vardy Valley in northeastern Tennessee suffered discrimination and marginalization because of their mixed-race heritage; many left the forested ridges vowing never to return. But in the past several years, Melungeon pride has surged, and the valley is calling many of its children home to reclaim their roots and explore their murky past: are Melungeons somehow descended from shipwrecked Portuguese sailors, or the lost colony of Roanoke? This short film chronicles a quintessentially American tension through one family’s simultaneous desire to blend in, and to stand out.

Mr. Christmas / USA (Director: Nick Palmer) – An offbeat, touching portrait of a man who has spent three decades turning his small Northern California home into a beautiful, towering Christmas display people travel across the country to see.

Real Vs. Barcelona / Iraq (Director: Tofan Abubaker) – A short doc about Real Madrid and Barcelona fans in Kurdistan, and the things that happen on the Kurdish streets before and after each match.

Reed / USA (Director: Dorian Warneck) – A short documentary about the process of making an oboe reed.

Reporting on the Times: The New York Times and the Holocaust / USA (Director: Emily Harrold) – A short documentary film that explores how and why The New York Times buried reports of The Holocaust during World War II. Through interviews with historians, journalists, and a Holocaust survivor, the film encourages audiences to re-evaluate America’s role as “The Great Liberator” and the power of the press in creating change.

The Secret of Trees / USA (Director: Albert Maysles) – What do trees know that we don’t? 13-year-old inventor Aidan realized that trees use a mathematical formula to gather sunlight in crowded forests. Then he wondered why we don’t collect solar energy in the same way.

Self-Portrait with Cows Going Home and Other Works / USA (Director: Rebecca Dreyfus) – A rare and soulful portrait of the ironically camera-shy Sylvia Plachy, a renowned contemporary photographer.

Stone Melody / Iran (Director: Parvis Rostami) – This film looks at rock and its applications to human life from birth to death.

A Story for the Modlins / Spain (Director: Sergio Oksman) – After appearing in Rosemary’s Baby, Elmer Modlin fled with his family to a far off country and shut himself away in a dark apartment for 30 years.

Tailings / USA (Director: Sam Price-Waldman) – Just outside Grants, New Mexico, is a 200-acre heap of toxic uranium waste, known as tailings. After 30 years of failed cleanup, the waste has deeply contaminated the air and water near the former uranium capital of the world. Tailings is a cinematic investigation into the pile that is gravely shaping the lives of those who are stuck living in its shadow.

Techistan / USA (Director: Senain Kheshgi) – Tech entrepreneur Rehan Allawala is on a mission to empower Pakistan’s most disenfranchised before they’re left behind by the Internet revolution.

Unwieldy Beast / USA (Director: Brandon Loper) – A delightful story about a musician that wanted to play his piano in the streets of San Francisco. You might be surprised how he did it.

Veronika / Germany (Director: Mark Michel) – Illustrated by marvelous sand paintings, the film dives into the hidden world of Veronika.  The film is a sensitive portrait of an extraordinary person and an insight into a world that is normally closed to the environment.

We Are Water Spirit / USA (Director: Dove Joans) – A call for present and future generations to protect our sacred oceans.

When I Grow Up / USA (Director: Sharon Arteaga) – A mother and daughter sell tacos and dream of a better life.

The Whistle / Poland (Director: Grzegorz Zariczny) – Marcin is 30 years old. He lives in a small town near Krakow. He is a football referee in the lowest leagues, but he wants to change it.

You Don’t Know Jack / USA (Director: Morgan Spurlock) – Jack Andraka, a high school sophomore, has developed a revolutionary new test for pancreatic cancer. The future of science is in the hands of our youth.

The CapsuleExperimental Shorts

Bishopric / USA (Director: Robert Todd) – Haunting the early haunts of Elizabeth Bishop, poet.

Blood Film / USA (Directors: Laura Salmon and Kevin Walker) – A short film made with Lara Salmon and Kevin Walker’s blood.

Brad’s Book / USA (Director: Bradly Dever Treadaway) Video that investigates the dilution of a fleeting family history.

The Capsule / Greece (Director: Athina Rachel Tsangari) Seven girls, a mansion perched on a Cycladic rock, a cycle of lessons on discipline, desire and demise-infinitely.

Dangerous Light / USA (Director: Robert Todd) – Examines the digital grammar of Star Wars, episodes 1-3.

Deep Red / Netherlands (Director: Esther Urlus) – Deep Red is an investigation into additive colour mixing on film.

Division / Netherlands (Director: Johan Rijpma) – A piece of paper is divided by hand into an even number of pieces and then reassembled. A photograph of this finished composition is then printed and divided again.

Hotel Room / Austria (Director: Bernd Oppl) – A hotel room is reduced to pure functionality, free of the normal kinds of added aesthetic and technical furnishings.

Mountain in Shadow / Spain (Director: Lois Patino) – A poetic view into the relationship of immensity between man and landscape.

Passage / USA (Director: Robert Todd) – Explorations of the Passage and its various guises: a musical phrase or interlude, an interstitial zone, a place of invitation…

Rauch und Spiegel (Smoke and Mirrors) / Australia (Director: Nick Moore) – The moving image the body in motion. A one minute trapeze routine is transformed into an elementary stage trick, a music box automaton and a kaleidoscopic carousel. This is where slight-of-hand meets spectacle.

Reconnaissance / Austria (Director: Johann Lurf) – In silent shots, Lurf offers a reconnaissance view of Morris Reservoir near Azusa, California — a huge reservoir, which long served as a testing site for torpedoes.

Salmon / Israel (Director: Alfredo Covelli) – Going down, while Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, his sons Ariel and Gabriel and little Miriam Monsonego, killed in a Jewish school in Toulouse, France, in March 2012, are carried up, by a river of people, on Jerusalem’s highest hill.

Summer Light: Friday / USA (Director: Robert Todd) – Time and light intertwine, variations on single-film-roll structures.

Workers Leaving the Factory (Again) / Austria (Director: Katharina Gruzei) – Inspired by the Lumiere brothers first film, we see the backs of workers leaving a factory. We wonder: Is it nighttime? What work do they do? What do they earn? When will their jobs be moved overseas?

Brother's KeeperTennessee First Shorts

Another Corner / USA (Director: Josh Harrell) – Known in the projects of East Nashville as Cuts On Wheels, Mark Walker is always in search of his next head to cut. Battling homelessness and marital problems, Mark’s optimism is undying, as there’s always new business to find at each corner.

Brother’s Keeper /USA (Director: Robert L. Poole) – When a high school prodigy discovers he’s been cheated out of a vital college scholarship, his last resort is to hold court with a secret group of the city’s most influential men.

Cleaner Than Most / USA (Director: Jennifer Bonior) – When life’s got you down, sometimes all you need is a hooker and some fried chicken.

George / USA (Director: Josh Link) – A fatherless child conjures an imaginary friend to serve as a father-figure.  When an incident in school finds the child in trouble, tragedy strikes the family.

Pretty Monsters / USA (Director: Ryan  Parker and GB Shannon) – When a father and his young son spend the night at a motel in the town where the father grew up, the man gives in to an old temptation and invites a woman to the room.

Still Here / USA (Director: Tyler Evans and David Lavender) – John survives alone in the woods, living in what he believes to be a post-apocalyptic world. He broadcasts daily emergency messages – sometimes more as a radio journal than in an earnest attempt to contact fellow survivors. Little does he know, several local hikers are listening on the other side of his broadcasts.

Whether You Like It or Not / USA (Director: Wes Edwards) – Charlotte Schapin has finally found her “Mr. Right” and won’t take no for an answer.  The dialogue’s fast, the gal’s faster, and the relationship progresses at ludicrous speed in this 1940’s-inspired musical romp.

Wild Sands / USA (Directors: Warren Lewis Allen and William Scott Stewart) – As an older man recounts the mistakes and consequences of his pocketed youth, his memories of the sunbleached summer days he spent with an older woman begin to unravel and displace.

The Purple StoryYoung Filmmaker Shorts 

Lunch Bag Haven / USA (Director: Watkins Pre-College Film Students) – A moving portrayal of an adolescent’s struggle to cope with loss. After a particularly frustrating episode the Jack is befriended by classmate, Jenny.

Memories / Canada (Director: Joseph Procopio) – Bits and pieces of memories are all that remain from love that has gone sour.  Moving on is knowing when to leave it all behind.

The Painted Girl / USA (Director: Ben Kadie) – The story of Megan, a closeted gay 15 year old, who runs away from her mother’s expectations. Hiding in an abandoned subway tunnel, she uses spray paint to create graffiti art for her mother.

The Purple Story / Poland (Director: Mateusz Mądry) – A young reporter helps an old man assaulted by a gang of hooligans.  Strange things happen then and soon he himself needs someone to help him.

The Red Box / USA (Director: Max Moore and Hannah  Bowman) – An inattentive boyfriend struggles to win back his ex-girlfriend when he discovers a magic Redbox that spits out her favorite movies.

Rivals / USA (Director: Natasha Lasky) – On the track, a bashful jogger gets encouragement from his best friend. Can he find the courage to ask a popular girl to the prom? It’s a hard race.

Siren / USA (Director: Charles Blecker) – A boy scavenges the beach for objects that remind him of the father he’s lost.

Sweet Dreams / USA (Director: Clio Gevirtz) – A know-it-all babysitter tries to soothe her anxious young charge to sleep.

Wait in Silence / USA (Director: Kira Bursky) – Emma, a shy girl, has her heart broken when her boyfriend breaks up with her. Trying to prove to him and herself that she can be interesting, she gets involved with Eric, the local bad boy, and his group. As the days pass by, she veers farther from who she really is.

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*Photos from Ex Mime, Oh Sheep!, You Don’t Know Jack, The Capsule, Brother’s Keeper and The Purple Story from ArtsNash archives and courtesy Nashville Film Festival.

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