Preaching to the Arts/Culture Choir: Change or Face an Empty Room

The Empty RoomWhenever I attend a major arts related conference or convention, a workshop, a networking event, a webinar or quite simply a venue where people gather (even better when there’s an open bar), I’m always on the lookout for meaningful connections with people who teach me something new, excite my brain and challenge or inspire me to take action around a specific cause.

And you know what? It’s okay to get up and leave. If there’s no innovation, creativity, fun and excitement happening in the room around a topic that interests me I’m headed towards the direction of the exit sign.

Care to join me? (To read the rest over at The Clyde Fitch Report click here)

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Jessica Wilt is the author of the preceding commentary.

Jessica Wilt is a professional dancer and arts administrator in New York City where she is actively involved in arts, education, advocacy and politics. Wilt currently sits on the Board of Directors with the New York City Arts in Education Roundtable, is a VOICE Charter School Board Trustee, is Vice Chair of the Arts Education Council with Americans for the Arts where she is a guest ARTSblog contributor and is a freelance blogger for the Huffington Post.

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