Greg Pond Branches Out At Seed Space

There’s a lot going on in Greg Pond’s new exhibit at Seed Space, The Place You Will Wait for the Rest of Your Life. The show combines Pond’s previous work with an ongoing documentary project about the community of Patten Towers, a Section 8 housing facility in Chattanooga. The show features sculpture and video work […]

Downtown Presbyterian Church Celebrates 20 Years in the Arts

Once, art and religion played nice: The Catholic Church underwrote Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel fresco, and its patronage of the arts ensured that religious subjects remain among the most popular in Western art. And even as recently as the 1930s, Nashville artist William Edmondson claimed that a divine voice commanded him to sculpt. But these days, […]

Art Versus Craft: Selvage at TSU

Selvage brings together artists from across the country who push the boundaries of textile-based work. The exhibition opened last Thursday night at Tennessee State University’s Hiram Von Gordon Gallery, and was curated by two notable movers and shakers in the Nashville art scene, Jodi Hays and Laura Hutson. Hays is an artist and former faculty […]

Selvage Opens Tonight at TSU

An exhibition of contemporary, abstract textile art opens tonight at TSU. Nashville Scene Arts Editor, Laura Hutson curated the show with local artist Jodi Hays, and the two have pulled together quite a lineup. In addition to local luminaries like Alex Blau and Courtney Adair Johnson, Selvage includes a selections by a TSU professor and […]

William Edmondson Exhibit at Cheekwood Reveals a Life in Stone

As a living timeline of Edmondson and his legacy, William Edmondson and Friends: Breaking the Mold traces the working history of a self-taught Nashville artist and the national ripples left behind by his lasting impression. Born the child of freed slaves in 1874, Edmondson started carving his limestone sculptures when he was nearly 60 years […]

Picturing Music: Kandinsky at the Frist

It’s not often we see a single artist take center stage at the Frist. Kandinsky: A Retrospective celebrates the life and legacy of modern art master Wassily Kandinsky, displaying over 100 paintings, drawings, and photographs that chronicle four decades of Kandinsky’s life, from his earliest work to the last watercolor made in 1944, the year […]

Cellist Deidre Emerson will perform at the opening of the Frist Center’s Kandinsky exhibit

Can abstract instrumental music actually be painted? Wasilly Kandinsky, the celebrated Russian artist, was sure of it. In 1911, he attended a concert in Munich featuring some of the newly minted atonal music of Arnold Schoenberg. To Kandinsky, the father of modern abstract painting, Schoenberg’s thorny, dissonant works came across as heartfelt songs without words. […]

Should Nashville Have Two Art Crawls?

Nashville’s First Saturday Art Crawl came creeping to life eight years ago when a collection of newbie galleries in the Arcade joined forces with the commercial art spaces on Fifth Avenue to create a monthly one-stop art event that shifted the gravity of the city’s art scene. Today, the crawl is as good as it’s […]

Polish Posters Play with Protest at Vanderbilt University

France’s Belle Epoque came to an end with the first rumblings of World War I. The period had lasted for more than a quarter-century, and its peace, optimism and artistic advancements were celebrated in its stylized posters. If World War I ended the Great Poster Period in Paris, World War II prompted another in Poland. […]

See Mystic Truths Saturday Night

While I was at the Arts & Music at Wedgewood/Houston events this past Saturday night, I struck up a conversation with Zack Rafuls about a show of work by Co. H — Rafuls is the art collective’s current chair. Co. H is a student group at Watkins that’s been active since 2011 — fulfilling the […]

OZ Second Season: Conversation, Contemplation and Connection

It’s an exciting time for Nashville’s contemporary arts center OZ. Artistic Director Lauren Snelling is very happy with the rapturous response such first-season offerings as Peter Brook’s The Suit and the music of Philip Glass and Tim Fain received, and she’s thrilled to talk about what’s coming up at 6172 Cockrill Bend Circle. “I don’t […]

Art of Work

Like it or not, the work we do defines us. Whether we serve food, design logos, or push products into a box to be shipped across the world, we structure our days and our lives around the things we do to make ends meet. In the latest exhibition at Coop, The Family Business of Removing […]

The Secret Room at Threesquared

Last Friday night I went to the opening of The Secret Room at Threesquared. The exhibition included videos and paintings by David Hellams, Jaime Raybin and Jenna Maurice — all three of whom work for Watkins as admissions recruiters. The trio all log lots of time on the road, evangelizing talented teens on the value […]

Shana Kohnstamm and Carrie Alter at Rymer

Figuratively Speaking is a new exhibit at Rymer that finds gallery director Natalie Dunham presiding over a show that she juried, choosing a handful of work from a flood of submissions that came in from all over the globe. While Dunham chose all the work without knowing any information about the artists who made the individual […]

Pay-What-You-Want at J. Todd Greene’s Art Sale Tomorrow

Laura Hutson and I have been talking a lot lately about how Nashville’s art scene has evolved over the last three decades. Thinking back on some of the highlights over the years, one of the first things that came to mind for me was artist J. Todd Greene’s Paw Paw Sermons painting series. In 1997, […]

Virtually Real: Ann Catherine Carter at 40AU

Ann Catherine Carter‘s Nothing Never Happens exhibit at 40AU is yet another entry in the big, bold abstractions category in a local spring season that’s been packed with shows of similar work. It’s not a bad thing to be a part of a trend, but I point it out as timely comparisons always inspire a […]

Spend Time with Karen Seapker this Weekend

I was chatting online with Laura Hutson last weekend about her story in the Nashville Scene and the happenings at the Art Crawl and in the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood. She missed the weekend events — she was busy researching an upcoming Nashville Scene cover story out of town — so I promised to keep my eyes open at the […]

The Big Payback is Here and ArtsNash Needs Your Support!

(Editor’s Note on May 7, 2014: The Big Payback has ended and we thank those contributors that gave $430 to ArtsNash as well as nearly $1.5 million to more than 500 midstate charities. To make a tax-deductible contribution to ArtsNash through our secure form click here to visit out Donate page.) It’s here! The […]

Adrienne Outlaw: Breaking Bread at BNA

As the summer months come into view, many of us have travel on our minds. Whenever I go out of town I always check to see what interesting exhibits might be showing in and around my destination. However, the Metro Nashville Airport Authority’s Arts at the Airport program offers sights worth seeing that don’t even […]

Record Breaking: Kevin Cooley and Phillip Andrew Lewis at Zeitgeist

In the latest exhibition at Zeitgeist, LA-based artist Kevin Cooley and Chattanooga’s Phillip Andrew Lewis teamed up with United Record Pressing for a site and community specific collaborative exhibition. The two artists used United’s record vinyl, in all its various forms, as both medium and subject matter. The show includes vinyl sculpture, light installation, digital […]