Video Files: Ridley Scott’s first film reissued on Blu-Ray

Ridley Scott hadn’t yet become a “sir,” nor done such heralded films as Alien, Blade Runner or the Oscar winner Gladiator back in 1977 when he made a stirring debut at the Cannes Film Festival with The Duellists. It paired two emerging stars in Keith Carradine and Harvey Keitel who portrayed members of Napoleon’s army […]

Video Files: MIB III proves entertaining sequel

Expectations weren’t high for Men in Black 3 when it was released in May. First, the film had suffered multiple delays due to script concerns expressed by Will Smith. It required several rewrites before everyone was satisfied. Second, it was leaked that the film would be operating in the dicey time travel arena, with Smith’s character […]

Video Files: Kerouac examined in new DVD

As with many other larger-than-life figures, there are so many legends and myths about the famed writer Jack Kerouac it is often difficult to distinguish fantasy from reality. But the two-volume DVD What Happened To Kerouac? (Shout! Factory) offers the most accurate portrait of him currently available. It begins with the original mid-’80s documentary that […]

Video Files: New Peter Gunn set celebrates ’50s private eye

Along with westerns, another dominant genre on late ’50s and early ’60s network television was the private eye (detectives). These were guys (with the exception of ABC’s Honey West starring Anne Francis) with style and flair who took cases regular cops either ignored, were afraid to handle, or wouldn’t touch for various reasons. Some had […]