About Simi Odugbesan

Simi Odugbesan is a junior at Vanderbilt University from Duluth, Georgia. In order to achieve a comprehensive understanding of music and the related economies, she successfully designed, constructed and advocated for her own interdisciplinary major in Music, Culture, and Society. She is also minoring in Corporate Strategy and will combine her studies to pursue a lifelong dream of working in the music industry. Her passions include writing, piano, peer mentorship, social and environmental justice.

Black Panther Soundtrack: Diverse, Audacious and Flawed

For many, Black Panther feels like that first breath of oxygen after a long time underwater. Black Panther welcomes a new vision of blackness and presents a new way to comprehend black identity. The soundtrack, titled Black Panther: The Album, Music and Inspired By, undertakes an equally ambitious effort. With African-American rapper, producer, and curator […]