About Quinton Parker

Quinton Parker is a Nashville native, an upright bassist and has been an active part of the local music scene for seven years. He is currently in his last semester in MTSU's School of Journalism.

Pop review: Mojo B lights up The High Watt

I love a good horn section. I mean it. I really love a good horn section. I love it even more when that good horn section is accompanying a solid band. I love a good horn section and a solid band even more when everyone on stage looks like they’re having a blast. Thursday night […]

Pop review: Hoke wins Tuesday’s vote count at the 5 Spot

Derek Hoke’s $2 Tuesday event at The 5 Spot this week was a modge-podge of artists, varying from Hoke’s own traditional country/western swagger to a rock n’ rolled-up incarnation of singer/songwriter Dave Armstrong’s music. The flat-screens that usually play sports were set to different news channels flooded with headlines about the election, which lent itself […]

Time Jumpers shine in their new home at 3rd and Lindsley

Tourists come to Nashville from all over the world to see country stars playing twangy guitars. However, it’s often hard to discern the proverbial “real deal” from its many weaker incarnations scattered about the city. For this sought after “real deal”, one has to go no further than 3rd and Lindsley. The Time Jumpers, one […]

Carolina Story, Abigail Blythe and Friends and Jordan Fenton at The Walnut House

MURFREESBORO – Friday night’s show at The Walnut House featuring Carolina Story, Abigail Blythe and Jordan Fenton made the 45-minute drive to Murfreesboro worth every drop of gas. Fenton, a relative newcomer to Murfreesboro’s Americana scene, opened the evening, displaying a singer-songwriter style that came across as Ryan Adams-esque. He played roughly eight original songs, […]

Nashville Jazz Workshop showcases the stylish vocals of Dara Tucker

Less than 5 minutes into Dara Tucker’s double-set at the Nashville Jazz Workshop on Friday night, it was apparent that despite her young face she’s just as charming and elegant as the great female jazz vocalists of years gone by. Her performance was part of a concert series dubbed “Snap on 2&4,” which showcases Nashville’s […]