About Logan L. Masterson

Logan L. Masterson was a longtime Nashville resident and arts lover. He covered the Nashville theater scene for The Examiner, and reviewed films, fiction, and other media for Fantasy Magazine, Themestream, and his own website. He was a design contributor to the annual Killer Nashville writers’ conference, and also served as Literary Editor for Digital Fabber Magazine. Logan was a published poet and novelist as well.

Theater Review: A Pointed and Poignant ‘Mad King Lear’

In the attic of a West End Avenue church the scope of human tragedy plays out. Nashville Stagecraft, a budding company led by young theater artists, has renovated Shakespeare’s tragic King Lear, sprucing the old play up a bit with crisp structure that includes a concise storyline with clearer dialogue and a shorter character list […]

Theater Review: From the Flies to the Pit ‘Wicked’ Tour Gives Its All

Wicked is one of the most popular (sing it) musicals of all time. Running since 2003, and previously here on tour in 2009 and 2011, the show’s also won three Tonys and six Drama Desk Awards. With music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz (Godspell, Pippin) and a book by Winnie Holzman (My So-Called Life), this […]

Theater Preview: Nashville Stagecraft Renovates Bard’s ‘Lear’

“If wolves outside your gate had howled for entry against that tempest you would have said, ‘Good Doorman, let them in.’” – Gloucester from William Shakespeare’s King Lear On a sunny spring morning the energetic and erudite members of Nashville Stagecraft’s production of The Mad King Lear that opens today (March 27) sit with ArtsNash […]

Film Review: (Sort of) Feeling the (Mild) ‘Need for Speed’

I have never played the Need for Speed video game. I’m more of a Gran Turismo guy, but to be honest, racing’s just not my thing. Sure, I appreciate automotive aesthetics, possibly more than many others. And the technology is pretty cool, even if it’s only the advancement of the century-old idea that explosive force can […]

Theater Review: Highly Comedic ‘Sister Act’ Has Heavenly Talent

Sister Act the Musical is every bit as fun as the Whoopi Goldberg-headlining 1992 movie that inspired it. The current US touring production features beautiful sets, tight choreography and a celestial alignment of talent. With music by Alan Menken (Beauty and the Beast), lyrics by Glenn Slater (Tangled), a book by Bill and Cheri Steinkellner […]

Theater Review: ACT 1’s ‘Sordid Lives’ is Raucous and Wonderful

The ACT 1 cast of Del Shores’ Sordid Lives nails it from the first note to the curtain call. Let me be clear about this: I did not want to like this show. I don’t care for Southern Fried Comedies, which are overdone round these parts. Furthermore, having been raised by a Texan, shows like […]

Theater review: Funny ‘Larries’ not as multidimensional as it thinks

Tennessee Repertory Theatre’s new play Larries, penned by playwright in residence Nate Eppler, opened Saturday at TPAC’s Johnson Theater. The show can perhaps best be described as a quantum unromantic comedy that lampoons virtually everything about family and relationships in the modern world. The inciting incident is simple enough: wife Wanda (Shannon Hoppe) sends husband Larry […]

Film review: Action-filled Trip to ‘Elysium’ Just Enough to Satisfy

The word “Elysium” calls to mind rolling hills dotted with lush forests, verdant pastures and marble plazas where artists, musicians and classical athletes gather to extoll the glories of human nature. By contrast, the movie of that name has Matt Damon. I bet that got your attention, but it’s actually a tad unfair, because this […]

Film review: Disney’s ‘The Lone Ranger’ Misses the Mark

Finally bored of pirates, the Walt Disney Pictures/Johnny Depp machine has relocated to the old west for its next series of high-end action adventure flicks. The Lone Ranger stars Depp as Tonto, and there are some other people in it, too: Armie Hammer is the Lone Ranger; Helena Bonham Carter plays Red Harrington (ha!), a […]

Film review: It’s Definitely Thumbs Up for ‘White House Down’

Columbia/Sony’s contribution to the summer blockbuster line-up, White House Down, stars Channing Tatum as Capitol cop John Cale, who wants two simple things out of life: the attention of his daughter, Emily (Joey King), and a spot on the Secret Service’s Presidential Guard. That’s not too much to ask, right? Nope. And let me tell […]

Film review: Narcissistic ‘This is the End’ Thinks Little of Audience

It all began with a short film called Jay and Seth vs the Apocalypse. If only it had ended there! The short is totally the better movie. The film begins innocuously enough: Jay Baruchel (as himself) visits L.A. to do some business and see his old buddy, Seth Rogen (also as himself). Predictably, they get […]

Little Stone Productions Kickstarts ‘The Mysterious Door’

Little Stone Productions, an independent Nashville theater troupe formed from some of the talents associated with the Belmont University Theatre and Dance Department, has been running a successful Kickstarter campaign for The Mysterious Door, their newest play. That campaign ends tomorrow; as of early this morning the group had gone past their $900 goal to […]

Theater review: Flaws Smudge, But Don’t Destroy, ‘A Doll’s House’

A Doll’s House by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen is a true classic. The tale of a Victorian household under secret siege, the play was one of the first to adopt dramatic realism. It was so shocking and divisive when released in 1879 that discussing the play was frowned upon in many circles. Today, it bears […]

Theater review: ‘She Kills Monsters’ Takes Theater to the Next Level

Stepping onto the stage to take my seat for the regional premiere of She Kills Monsters, I marveled at the workings. The wings, the catwalks, everything is visible. At the show’s opening, the entire audience was able to sit up there, on the very boards, and enjoy the action inches from their faces in this […]

A ‘She Kills Monsters’ Q&A with Director Jessika Malone

Visiting Jessika Malone at Nashville Children’s Theatre to talk about Sideshow @ Actors Bridge’s latest show is a little like being guided through Wonderland by Alice. The young actress, director and company front-woman sparkles with enthusiasm for She Kills Monsters, which opens today. Qui Nguyen’s play tells the tale of Agnes Evans, who is leaving her hometown […]

Film review: ‘Now You See Me’ Is All Smoke and Mirrors

Louis Leterrier’s Now You See Me is a big-budget ($70 million estimated by IMDB) caper film with a cast of major Hollywood names and just the hint of a theme. Like previous Leterrier flicks (Clash of the Titans 2010, Transporter, etc.), this one features brilliant effects, non-stop action, and a straightforward story. Sure, there’s a “hidden” throughline; […]

Theater review: ‘Disney’s The Lion King’ Opens to Roar of Approval

Tennessee Performing Arts Center’s Jackson Hall welcomed a pride of patrons Thursday to Nashville’s second Disney’s The Lion King opening. The current outing, dubbed the “Gazelle Tour” by the fine folks at Disney Theatrical Productions, is a worthy inheritor of the King’s crown: It offers audiences a majestic and whimsical spectacle that has no fear of […]