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Katie Mills is from originally from Palm Springs, Calif., and is currently a senior at Vanderbilt University working towards her bachelor’s degree in English and History. In addition to ArtsNash, she also is the publisher and layout editor of the Vanderbilt Torch, a conservative-oriented magazine created by and for Vanderbilt students. She hopes to remain in Nashville following her graduation this May.

Theater review: NCT’s ‘Go Dog Go’ Combines Learning and Laughter

Go, Dog. Go! has Nashville Children’s Theatre audience members of all ages giggling and shouting with excitement from the moment the performance begins. Though aimed at the toddler and elementary school crowd, the show directed by Peter Vann is full of singing, dancing, comedy and opportunities for participation from all in the audience: No one […]

Film review: Overstuffed Script Bogs ‘Identity Thief’ Comedy Down

Identity Thief, the newest comedic venture from Director Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses), begins with a simple premise that’s unfortunately become more familiar in recent years: the living nightmare of identity theft. Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman), an accounts processing employee at a big financial firm, gets his identity stolen over the phone by Diana (Melissa McCarthy), […]

Theater review: Rude Mechs’ Odd ‘Method Gun’ Amazing Work of Art

When you take your theater seat just before the curtain goes up, but instead of lights dimming and opening music starting the actors come out, jump off the stage, hand you a slip of paper and tell you to write down your favorite teacher’s name, you quickly realize this probably isn’t like any play you’ve […]

Film review: ‘Warm Bodies’ Transcends Zombie Movie Clichés

In recent years, audiences have been inundated by vampires, zombies, wizards and every other supernatural creature imaginable on television, in books, and in the movies. So, when the trailer for director Jonathan Levine’s new zombie movie Warm Bodies was released, the collective groans of “Not another one” and “Haven’t we seen this already?” were almost […]

Theater review: Refreshing ‘Catch Me If You Can’ Has ‘60s Glamour

If you are looking for a hilarious, fast-paced, and music-filled trip back to the glamour and excitement that was 1960s entertainment, then a visit to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center’s Andrew Jackson Hall to see the Broadway musical Catch Me If You Can will give you all that and so much more. This refreshing “variety-show” […]