Notes on Nash-Up

Here it is Halloween night, but  the wind and rain might be putting an end to the spooky celebrating before it even gets started – sorry, kids! The end of this month also marks the culmination of another Artober celebration for Nashville’s arts community and its audience. Just like last year, Artober 2013 ended with […]

Engaging and Evocative: Abstractometry at the Frist

The Frist is in the process of turning-over its galleries to a new program of challenging contemporary art as well as an exhibition of paintings by Norman Rockwell. The highlight of the contemporary displays is 30 Americans — an exhibition of works by African American artists that spans three decades. I’ll be covering all of […]

Rebecca Drolen Lets Her Hair Down in a New Photography Exhibit at Gallery 121

The whole drama of human history can be traced through fashion and fashions can be described by hair. Where would Cleopatra be without her bangs? What about Bettie Page? Samson went from giant to jellyfish when he lost his curly locks, and any boy or man who’s had a girlfriend or a wife suddenly cut […]

The Frist Zoomed Beyond Cars in 2013

Now that local publications have begun summing up 2013 with best-of-the-year honors, I wanted to mention a couple of shows that slipped through this calendar-tallying season. While the Frist won tons of attention – and visitors – for its summertime celebration Sensuous Steel: Art Deco Automobiles, two of their earlier shows grabbed my gaze and […]

LE RAYON VERT is Mysterious and Masterly

In Jules Verne’s 1882 novel Le Rayon Vert (The Green Ray), the book’s heroes are on an adventure in search of an elusive solar phenomenon: An apparent blast of green light that can sometimes be seen in the last second before sunset. Over a century later, film director Éric Rohmer released a movie by the […]

Richard Feaster’s Abstract Paintings Among Best of the Year

In the fall, publications that cover visual arts ask their critics to take stock of the year gone by and pin down the best sights they’ve seen in the galleries, museums and pop-up spaces they’ve visited on their beats. I’m having this ongoing conversation with a handful of editors and colleagues, and it’s always awkward […]