A VIP Visit To The Awesome and Astonishing ‘Odysseo: Larger Than Life’

The awesome and astonishing “Odysseo: Larger Than Life” is playing through Oct. 22 in Nashville, and ArtsNash was fortunate to make a VIP visit to the show this week.

Sixty-five horses (including 12 breeds from six countries) and 50 artists (from 11 countries) take the audience on a trip to a world of landscapes where dreams become beautiful reality. Equestrian and stage arts blend seamlessly with some remarkable state-of-the-art technical effects (a favorite of the ArtsNash contingent included plenty of water) and a stage – a surface of more than 17,502 square feet – where 10,000 tons of rock, earth and sand create a playing space that’s three stories tall under a white big top that’s more than 124 feet high.

There are also tents at Odysseo’s Nashville home off McGavock Pike near Exit 12 of Briley Parkway that provide a climate-controlled stable for the horses, a warm-up area for the riders and horses that also provides space for wardrobe, makeup and dressing areas, a staff kitchen tent and the Rendez-Vous tent that hosts VIP ticket holders for a gourmet buffet dinner before the show, a dessert bar at intermission, an open bar and other amenities.

Want a taste of what the VIP treatment is like? Here’s some pictures from ArtsNash‘s trip to the big top…

Approaching the Rendez-vous VIP tent

A gourmet buffet pre-show dinner

Hot dogs and popcorn for the kids

A comfortable space to eat, relax and shop before the show

A mouth-watering dessert bar between acts

A chance to meet artists and horses after the show!

Climate-controlled stables for our four-legged friends

Mikko and his colleagues hope to see you under the big top!

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