Waving the Annual Arts Advocacy Day Flag

American FlagWith Washington, DC’s cherry blossoms in bloom, every year over 500 arts advocates from big cities and small towns across the country converge on Capitol Hill for Arts Advocacy Day, this year held April 8-9. Co-sponsored by Americans for the Arts, this is the one event out of the year where I put all my political views, disappointments and frustrations with our federal government aside and show up offering my support for arts, culture and arts education related policy.

Over the course of two days advocates will experience workshops and panel discussions led by experts who teach attendees how to utilize talking points and Issue Briefs as effective lobbying strategy with elected officials.  Each advocate is armed with the 2013 Congressional Arts Handbook. Attendees also meet with his or her respective state delegation captain where people are assigned in groups to meet with elected officials on Capitol Hill representing the districts of arts and cultural organizations or a person’s home district.

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Jessica Wilt is the author of the preceding article.

Jessica Wilt is a professional dancer and arts administrator in New York City where she is actively involved in arts, education, advocacy and politics. Wilt currently sits on the Board of Directors with the New York City Arts in Education Roundtable, is a VOICE Charter School Board Trustee, is Vice Chair of the Arts Education Council with Americans for the Arts where she is a guest ARTSblog contributor and is a freelance blogger for the Huffington Post.

*Abstract American Flag by Brent Godfrey courtesy The Clyde Fitch Report.

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  1. A wonderful partnership – and article. Thanks, as always.

  2. Maryanna says:

    Remember, you don’t have to go to DC to participate in Arts Advocacy Day. You can do it from home: https://www.votervoice.net/ARTSUSA/Campaigns/31586/Respond#.UVxB3A466E4.facebook